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surname of two Florentine artists: see RossellinoRossellino, Antonio
, 1427–c.1478, Florentine sculptor, whose name was Antonio di Matteo di Domenico Gambarelli. He was the youngest and most celebrated of four brothers, of whom the eldest was the architect Bernardo Rossellino, who designed the Rucellai Palace and who
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32) At the same church, Fra Sebastiano Benintendi commissioned Bernardo Rossellino and his workshop to make a sculpted wall tomb for his grandmother, the Blessed Villana delle Botti (d.
The Sculpture of Bernardo Rossellino and His Workshop.
Pius's aim, carried out by his architect Bernardo Rossellino, was to transform the medieval village into a noble, city-state.
She sheds light on the close connection with Florence in this period, especially in terms of the cultural mediation of Giovanni de' Medici; indeed, Filarete's rivals were not only Lombards, with Giovanni, for example, sponsoring Bernardo Rossellino, fresh from his achievements as papal architect.
Indeed, this claim of Hollingsworth will raise an eyebrow or two, as she suggests that Lorenzo de' Medici, Giovanni Rucellai, and Pius II had more to do with the designs of their palaces than did Giuliano da Sangallo, Leonbattista Alberti, and Bernardo Rossellino.
To Marsuppini is attributed, however, the funeral inscription on Bruni on the Bernardo Rossellino monument in Santa Croce.
4) attributed to Bernardo Rossellino or Antonio Rossellino, both in the museum's permanent collection.