Bernard Berenson

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Berenson, Bernard


Born June 14 (26), 1865, in Vilnius; died Oct. 7, 1959, in Florence. American art historian. Graduated from Harvard University in 1887. Member of the American Academy of Arts and Literature, and a number of European academies. Lived in Italy from 1900.

In his works written between 1890 and the early 1900’s, Berenson first defined the stylistic characteristics of the Italian Renaissance schools and their representative masters. Berenson did a vast amount of work on the attribution of the paintings and drawings of Italian artists.


The Italian Painters of the Renaissance. London, 1953.
In Russian translation:
Zhivopistsy ital’ianskogo Vozrozhdeniia. Moscow, 1965.


Mostyn-Owen, W. Bibliografia di Bernard Berenson. Milan, 1955.
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However, the work of art, as Bernhard Berenson put it, is the event.
Their story, as told by Irish novelist Emma Donoghue, reads like one of the better Merchant-Ivory screenplays: a comedy of manners, obsession, and art, with twin heroines heroic one moment and foolish the next, plus a supporting cast that includes John Ruskin, Bernhard Berenson, and Oscar Wilde.

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