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The following series of equations was generated by applying Bernoulli's equation or Forchheimer-extended Darcy's Law to each section:
Comparison of the distributor pressure increase predictions by the kinetic energy term in Bernoulli's equation and CFD at 1 m/s nominal cross-flow velocity Average inlet Centre 1/2 [V.
Each component's influence on the total filter resistance was then formulated through the use of Forchheimer-extended Darcy's Law, Bernoulli's equation, and the equation of continuity.
Bernoulli's equation is a reduced version of the mechanical energy balance that assumes incompressible, steady-state flow while maintaining a control volume with stationary, solid boundaries.
When the aim is to make as much use as possible of wind energy it does no harm to recall that Bernoulli's equation applies to all fluid movement and that its practical application in dwellings has provided the chimney "draw" beloved by countless generations of fie-lighting housewives.
Appling the Bernoulli's equation at the gauge glass the following relation is given:
Bernoulli's equations for flow along streamlines for example give rise to elegant and effective gating systems.
From continuity and Bernoulli's equations for flowing in narrow tubes have determined the medium flow speeds and flow rates in circular pipes.