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, Arab. Bayrut, Fr. Beyrouth, city (1996 est. pop. 1,200,000), W Lebanon, capital of Lebanon, on the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Lebanon Mts. Beirut is an important port and financial center with food processing industries.
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, Lebanon.
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2) On education in Berytus, see Linda Jones Hall, Roman Berytus: Beirut in Late Antiquity (London; New York: Routledge, 2004).
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For the earlier period of legal studies at Beirut, Fergus Millar opts for the latter: `It is essential to stress that all our evidence up to the fourth century does indeed present the teaching and learning of Roman law as an aspect of the "rather more Roman" city that Berytus was; and that we should speak of "law schools" rather than of "the Law School".
1964): "Hellenistic and Roman cuirassed statues: a supplement", Berytus, 15, pp.
The popularity of the kontakion as dramatic homily in the hands of Romanos, both in his early years at Berytus and later in his mature years at Constantinople, testifies to his success as preacher and exegete.
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As for the date, Parker opts for about 400, and he supposes that Codex Bezae has been written at Berytus (Beirut).
Copla is located on Park Avenue in Minat al-Hosn district of Downtown Beirut, in the Berytus Parks Building, next to Plum boutique.