Best Fit

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best fit

[¦best ′fit]

Best Fit

A resource allocation scheme (usually for memory). Best Fit tries to determine the best place to put the new data. The definition of 'best' may differ between implementations, but one example might be to try and minimise the wasted space at the end of the block being allocated - i.e. use the smallest space which is big enough.

By minimising wasted space, more data can be allocated overall, at the expense of a more time-consuming allocation routine.

Compare First Fit.
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pitch you to 400 media contacts that would be the best fit to reach your target audience
At this time, when industrial users could want as much as 20% of our current wheat production, we want to be able to say to the industry that our wheats have the best fit for their purposes, and that they should be backing us rather than looking elsewhere.
Perform polynomial regressions to determine the order of polynomial that best fits the data (linear, quadratic, or cubic).
D Find eight to ten companies that best fit your criteria.
All of the candidates were qualified to do our audit--the ultimate question Was the best fit and who could provide the services we were looking for globally.
CGI today announced that it received the Center for Digital Government Best Fit Integrator Performance and Modernization Award for its work on the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) program.
March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, will feature the long-awaited launch of Best Fit, the brainchild of truck parts superstore and customization shop, 4-State Trucks.
An experienced contractor knows which subcontractors are the most qualified and best fit for a specific project and how to manage them to complete a successful project.
Hur, a right-handed outfielder who also is a part-time pitcher, said he turned down several offers after deciding UC Riverside was the best fit.
No longer does a company need to adopt a single technology in the hopes this is some sort of panacea, only to find out that in many areas this technology may not be the best fit.
They must proactively select target markets and customers (those whose needs for products and services best fit what the organization is capable of providing) and produce only products that best fit the foundry's capabilities rather than allowing tradition or circumstances to dictate these key elements of business strategy.
Best Fit Manager provides business benefits that were never before possible, including vastly reducing the time, cost and risks associated with deployment of OS migrations, software upgrades, virtualization and other changes.