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Elnath, the star labeled [beta] in the corner of Auriga closest to Taurus, is in fact Beta Tauri.
Godolphin trainer Charlie Appleby has his string in decent nick and Beta Tauri is of interest in the Visit And Dine In The Panoramic Nursery.
The fainter star Elnath, or Beta Tauri, which appears with them in the sky, is more than a million times farther in the background at a distance of 130 light-years.
By month's end, Venus is nearing Beta Tauri (Elnath).
Jupiter rises during mid-evening in October, and it's high enough for good telescopic views by midnight, shining in the east between Aldebaran and Beta Tauri.
But next month, after passing close to Beta Tauri, the planet begins a retrograde loop that is partially hidden by solar glare.
Venus glides onward through Taurus for the rest of April, passing a huge 10 [degrees] north of Aldebaran at mid-month and coming close to Beta Tauri (Elnath) at month's end.
Note in particular the triangle of the Moon, Mars, and Pleiades on July 18th and the nearly straight line of Aldebaran, Venus, Moon and Beta Tauri on July 19th.
h] 24+ Africa, Java, Australia Beta Tauri Occultations Approx.
This year the Beta Tauri occultations occur mainly in the tropics, moving slowly south.
The bright star left of center is Elnath, Beta Tauri.