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church with a cupola; a typical example of Georgjan architecture at the turn of the 13th century; located in a gorge of the Vere River 20 km from Tbilisi.

The ground plan of Betania is rectangular with a high drum pierced by 12 windows with carved frames and a dome under a conical roof. The facades, which are faced with hewn stone, have carved window platbands, circles, and a cruciform composition. The interior has a wall painting (beginning of the 13th century) that includes portraits of George III, Queen Tamara, and George Lasha. On the south side a portico with an eight-arched carved vault adjoins the temple; the remnants of a more ancient structure are on the west side of the temple. A hall church (1196) is west of Betania.


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Aussi, les Turcs, qui sous-traitent pour le compte de l'ETRHB Haddad, reste seul actionnaire apres le desengagement du partenaire espagnol FCC, ont decide de ramener la charpente des tribunes en kit et de la monter au niveau de l'unite de l'ETRHB de Betania qui serait l'une des plus importantes en Afrique.
Betania, alrededores de parcela permanente (UN), 1900-2100 m, 5[degrees]44'10"N, 76[degrees]00'11"W, 5 Nov 2004, Rodriguez et al.
For example, Maria Betania Diaz from Venezuela, among recent USAFIS winners, wrote that she "could not be more grateful to receive counselor support from USAFIS.
y se hacian bautizar por el en el rio Jordan, confesando sus pecados" (Marcos, 1, 5); "y vino por toda la region de Jordan predicando el bautismo de penitencia en remision de los pecados" (Lucas, 3, 3); "Esto sucedio en Betania, al otro lado del Jordan, donde Juan bautizaba" (Juan, 1, 28).
In November 2007, I visited a Masaya community called Villa Betania for a brainstorming session about the community's challenges, which include education.
The second, between AGC and Casa Betania, an institution that operates since 1976 in the city, will provide professional and technical training to more than 60 young people in areas such as IT, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Mathematics and Accounting, Ethics and Citizenshipand Health and Quality of life.
100 metros este de la Rotonda Betania en San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Primer piso.
She embroiders traditional handbags and purses for Casa Betania (Casabet), a small company she founded with several other women to generate an income for the poorest women in the slums of the Lima neighborhood of San Martin de Porres.
Therefore, as Betania Avila declares, the body has become a "space endowed with citizenship" through a series of available social experiences that produce multiple articulations.
Con anterioridad, Felipe Lazaro lo habia llevado a la imprenta como parte de la coleccion poetica de Betania (Madrid: Editorial Betania, 1991).