Betti Alver

Alver, Betti


(pseudonym of Elizabet Lepik). Born Nov. 23, 1906, in Jigeva. Soviet Estonian writer and translator.

Born into a worker’s family, Alver studied at the University of Tartu and published her first novel, Mistress of theWind, in 1927. She also wrote the short story “The Invalids” (1930), the narrative poem Song About a White Crow (1931), the poem in prose The Comedy of Poverty (1935), and the collection of poems Dust and Fire (1936). Her work is characterized by painstaking care with form and flexibility and lightness of language. She translated Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin and M. Gorky’s Childhood and My Universities into Estonian.


Tähetund. Tallin, 1966.
In Russian translation:
In Antologiia estonskoi poezii, vol. 2. Moscow-Leningrad, 1959.
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Mehis Heinsaar attracted attention in Estonia with his earliest short stories, and his first book, Vanameeste nappaja, received the prestigious Betti Alver award.
The poets whose work is represented in Windship with Oars of Light are nine: Betti Alver (1906-89), Artur Alliksaar (1923-66), Uku Masing (1909-85), Jaan Kaplinski (b.