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Bettina, asteroid 250 (the 250th asteroid to be discovered, on September 3, 1885), is approximately 128 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.6 years. It was named after the baroness Rothschild, who, according to Jacob Schwartz, “purchased the right to name the asteroid for the fifty pounds the discoverer needed to finance a solar eclipse expedition.” In a natal chart, Bettina may show where one gives or is otherwise generous with an expectation of reward.


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The court of appeals upheld a decision to terminate the parental rights of Appellants Bettina and Daniel Dorr as to their autistic young son.
The artist's widow, Bettina, who more than anybody else, knew him as artist and person, said at the opening of the exhibit, that Onib "createda body of works that utilizes the figurative expressionist technique of distortion to portray the inner torment experienced by modern man.
Address : Grn Stadt Zrich, L~attention De Bettina Tschander, Beatenplatz 2, 8001 Zrich, Suisse
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Lina telarana azul, el cielo, cuando el padre y la hija enfilan por la Panamericana Norte hacia Los Andes y luego los Caracoles y el Cristo Redentor y San Luis y la pampa demasiado quieta y alguna bandada de pajaros de repente y bien al final Campana, el pueblo donde vivieron sus padres hasta que se trasladaron a Chile; ese lugar con olor a caucho donde hoy sigue viviendo la hermana menor de su madre, la tia Bettina.
THE annual market hall installations created by Bettina Reeves and Arts Alive Wales for the Abergavenny Food Festival are a huge draw for visitors each autumn.
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