Étienne Bezout

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Bezout, Étienne


Born Mar. 31, 1730, in Nemours; died Sept. 27, 1783, in Basses-Loges, near Fontainebleau. French mathematician. Member of the Parisian Academy of Sciences (1758).

Bezout’s main works are concerned with advanced algebra—the study of the properties of systems of algebraic equations of higher degrees and the exclusion of unknowns in such systems.


Théorie générale des équations algébraiques. Paris, 1779.


Wieleitner, H. Istoriia matematiki ot Dekarta do serediny XIX stoletiia. Moscow, 1960. (Translated from German.)
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2] are Hankel matrices, the parameters of which are given by the solution of corresponding Bezout equations; see [4].
For instance, it is found that it suffices to solve only one of the Bezout equations (4.
l+i](t)) to be generalized coprime polynomials, the Bezout equations
H](z, y), which are Hankel matrices, we consider the Bezout equations
j=0] (i = 0,1) from the solutions of the Bezout equations (7.
The two-channel nonsubsampled filter adopted is as As both Nonsubsampled Pyramid Filter Bank and Nonsubsampled Directional Filter Bank satisfy the Bezout identity.
Nautical Almanac Bezout's Treatise Etienne Bezout (1730-1787), Traite de on Navigation Navigation, Courcier, 1814 is a later edition.
Equation (10) is often called the Bezout identity, and all feedback controllers [N.
The number 2n is known as the Bezout number, named after the French mathematician Etienne Bezout (1730-1783).
In fact, univariate solutions with minimal degree have been identified as the Bezout polynomials, cf.
An alternative resultant formulation, with analogous properties, is the so-called Bezout resultant, whose construction and properties can be seen in [8].
An analogous result holds for the Bezout resultant [15].