see BhaktapurBhaktapur
or Bhadgaon
, city (1991 pop. 61,405), E Nepal, in a valley 4,553 ft (1,401 m) above sea level, surrounded by high Himalayan peaks. It is a processing center for the crops of the surrounding area; textiles and ceramics are produced.
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Tenders are invited for Repairs to Kothare Digar Satana MalegaonChalisgaon Bhadgaon Pachora Pahur Road SH-19Km.
Clients can add three more nights and see Nepal, flying to Kathmandu to visit Durbar Square, the city of Bhadgaon, the five-story pagoda temple of Nyatapola, and local bazaars.
16) An inscription of Muhammad bin Tughlaq from Bhadgaon (Maharashtra) records the construction of a sarai there by Sunbul, the Mehtar-i-Sarai or innkeeper, in 1328.
The Taste of India and Nepal tour includes all the highlights of the Taste of India tour, but adds four additional days in Kathmandu, with tours of Bhadgaon, Durbar Square, Bodhnath, and the Pashupatinath temple area, as well as a city tour and leisure time that travelers can use to independently explore the city and its surroundings.
Tenders are invited for Appointing consulting engineer for municipal works bhadgaon municipal council dist jalgaon.
Tenders are invited for STBT to Kothare Digar Satana Malegaon Chalisgaon Bhadgaon Pachora Wakadi Road SH-19 Km.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Installation & Commissioning in position 80 MT Electronic weighbridge at Grain godown Bhadgaon Tal.
Tenders are invited for Preaparing of detailed project report for solid waste management at bhadgaon municipal council dist.