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Brinell hardness number

A measure of Brinell hardness; obtained by dividing the load expressed in kilograms (applied to a ball, usually 10 mm in diameter), by the area of indentation, expressed in square millimeters.
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Transitions in care are also an important opportunity for better care and reduced costs," said Nishant Anand, MD, chief medical officer at BHN.
Like BHN, Brevard has required its physicians to adopt an EMR, and it is in the process of connecting that clinical data with the payer data.
We can tell if the foundry pops the castings out of the mold too quickly because we can't touch them with a cutting tool, regardless of BHN.
The slower solidification rates under the riser would somewhat lower the BHN.
The solution needed to be flexible and open enough to adapt to existing business-processes while at the same time lowering our total cost of ownership and integration with our existing IT infrastructure," says Lee Vinton, manager of business engineering services at BHN.
BHN is comprised of 3,000 Banner Health-affiliated providers, 15 Banner Health hospitals in Arizona's Maricopa County and a wide variety of other clinical services.
BHN brings together nearly two decades of experience developing and organizing the world's most prominent gatherings of the hotel and tourism investment community.
In the first year BHN also demonstrated an ability to reduce hospital admissions, hospital length of stay and the need for hospital readmissions by supporting beneficiaries when they are most at risk and in need of care and advocacy.
for ductile iron 60,000-70,000 psi tensile, 40,000-45,000 psi yield, 10-15% elongation and 170-229 Bhn.
1/2in, Pitch With Pilot, Bore As Per Asa, Standard, Material : Carbon Steel, Teethto Be Flame-Hardened to minimum 300 bhn etc.
BHN offers an integrated diagnostic solutions platform that combines software, staffing, equipment, supplies and results analysis, providing physicians and their patients with greater access to testing, interpretation and treatment options for urinary incontinence and other problems related to the urinary system.
The mechanical properties of the castings were poor compared to the previous two pours: 24,000 psi, 140 Bhn mixed with a surface hardness of 330 Bhn due to chill.