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The removals of Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski and Environment Minister Jan Szyszko, whose decision to cut trees in the pristine Bialowieza Forest has led to a procedure against Poland at the European Court of Justice, shows a will to mend fences within the EU.
Poland reacted coolly to a warning it could incur fines for continuing to log in the Bialowieza forest, a UnescoWorld Heritage site, saying on Tuesday its actions were lawful.
To complete the picture, you should also know that Polish government refuses to follow the interim measures issued by the European Court of Justice with regard to the logging in the Bialowieza Forest and the Polish government has announced further measures with regard to, what is called, 'deconcentration of the media'.
Poland said on Monday it would press on with logging the country's primeval Bialowieza forest in defiance of a ruling by the European Union's top court, saying it needed to cut down trees to defeat insect pests, according to Straitstimes.
The Polish Bialowieza forest is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and part of it is considered as Europe's last unspoiled woodland.
5 adults/ha, Juskaitis 2015) are similar to those in the Polish part of the Bialowieza forest (0.
Bialowieza Forest, Belarus/Poland, is an extension of and a new proposal for the Belovezhskaya Pushcha/Bialowieza transboundary site on the border between Poland and Belarus, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1979.
In Europe, for instance, Wolves are known to prey and scavenge on European Bison (Bison bonasus) in the Bialowieza Forest, Poland, where both species have co-existed since the 1920s (Jedrzejewski and others 2002; Selva and others 2003).
Two European bison lock horns in Poland's Bialowieza Forest National Park in a Stefano Unterthiner picture, which is so detailed we see the snow shaken off in the impact.