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bibcock, bib, bibb, bib tap

A faucet or stopcock which has its nozzle bent downward.
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Creativity means that a turkey sandwich on white bread with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes is now a "roasted all-white turkey breast, served on wheat farm bread with bibb lettuce, vine-ripened plum tomatoes and fresh mozzarelia cheese.
It can be something as simple as homegrown, sliced tomatoes on tender bibb lettuce with a few chopped chives.
The Republican "set menu" features appetizer choices of Maine lobster bisque or hot house bibb lettuce salad with Florida citrus dressing; and a main course selection of BBQ Texas beef short rib or pan fried bluenose snapper with ranch style hash browns.
The dressing is just as good on chilled, steamed baby red potatoes or shrimp, cucumbers and Bibb lettuce.
The salads, one with bibb lettuce, vidalia onion, egg, bacon and Maytag bleu cheese dressing ($8), the other with asparagus, red and yellow beets, Peruvian potatoes and a mustard vinaigrette ($9), are more substantial.
Michel Bardavid, chef-owner of the Secret Garden in Moorpark, opted to use a mesclun blend to make a shrimp nicoise salad and a bibb lettuce mixture for a vegetarian salad.
Serve over shredded bibb lettuce and pass extra pesto.
Serve fish on bibb lettuce topped with carrot slices.
His salad contains baby bibb lettuce, poached pears, tear-drop tomatoes, candied pecans and a champagne citrus dressing.
2 large heads (about 1 1/2 pounds) Boston OR Bibb lettuce, rinsed and thoroughly dried
Also nicely arranged but not as memorable was the bibb lettuce salad ($6) with diced artichoke hearts, asparagus, tomato and a red pepper vinaigrette dressing.
Of course, you can opt for those bags of prerinsed and mixed greens, but for something a little different, we suggest placing a whole head of butter lettuce or Boston Bibb lettuce on each plate.