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Three versions of the Bible are used: the King James Version (often preferred by evangelical Christians), the New Revised Standard Version (produced by the mainline National Council of Churches) and The Jewish Bible, The Tanakh (produced by the Jewish Publication Society).
The hottest niche biblical texts right now are the Women of Color Study Bible, the Women of Color Devotional Bible, and for counterparts, the Men of Color Study Bible, all by Urban Spirit (formerly Nia Publishing) in Atlanta, in partnership with World Bible Publishers.
AFTER READING two books on the creation of the King James Bible, the influence of which has followed English speaking peoples around the world, I had an overwhelming feeling of that sentiment expressed in older baptismal liturgies, "conceived in sin and born in iniquity.
Benedictine monks in Minnesota have teamed up with calligraphers at a scriptorium in Wales to create the Saint John's Bible, the first Bible to be written and illustrated entirely by hand in more than 500 years.