Bible Christians

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Bible Christians,

denomination of Methodists in England founded by William O'Bryan. They seceded from the Wesleyan Methodist Church (1815–19) and in 1907 were merged with two other branches in the United Methodist ChurchUnited Methodist Church,
in the United States, religious body formed by the union in 1968 of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church (see Methodism).
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Vegetarianism landed here with our first settlers, among groups such as Bible Christians and followers of Sylvester Graham.
the prolongation of human life"; reform of English spelling was another shared enthusiasm; Bible Christians (Cowherdites) were prominent among the founders in 1847 of the Vegetarian Society (24).
Defying the notion that American vegetariasm sprang solely from the 1960's radical counterculture, Vegetarian America examines movements from a wide variety of eras, and the physicians, socialites, feminists and other prominent figures who embraced it, from Johnny Appleseed and the Bible Christians to John Harvey Kellogg and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.