plagues of Egypt

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plagues of Egypt,

in the Bible, the plagues and other troubles brought on Egypt by God through the hands of Moses, because Pharaoh would not let the people of Israel go out of Egypt. The account, in the Book of Exodus, tells how Pharaoh relented each time until the plague was removed, then hardened his heart; in the end he let the children of Israel go, only to pursue them into the Red Sea. The plagues were 10 in number: plague of blood by which the waters of Egypt were turned to blood; plague of frogs; plague of lice; plague of flies; plague of murrain, by which all the cattle of Egypt and none of the Israelites' cattle were killed; plague of boils; plague of hail; plague of locusts; plague of darkness, by which darkness covered Egypt for three days; plague of the first-born, by which all the first-born of Egypt were killed. By tradition the first Passover was observed the night of the 10th plague. After it the Israelites left Egypt.
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Boro's failure to act on the powerful omen ushered in two years of Biblical plague, famine and pestilence.
Recalling the biblical plague that struck Egypt during the exodus of Israelite slaves, locust clouds have been darkening the skies, three weeks before the Jewish festival of Passover.
It's like a Biblical plague around our house, 24/7.
6 My fear about the desert dust invasion of the Thames area is that it's the fourth Biblical plague to hit it following the floods, the parasites (City bankers) and the lice (Boris Johnson's head).
THERE is nothing short of a Biblical plague of the common house fly this summer in many parts of Cheshire.
The Bank must act now with a decisive interest rate cut or face a biblical plague of job cuts,'
Visiting a biblical plague on this heathen world was a trifle too obvious.
But life in Ethiopia is still desperate with millions facing a biblical plague.
Or as I said last week, avoid like a Biblical plague.
Well, besides the lesser-spotted, 11th biblical plague of three wet leaves which is enough to send any train driver into a rant of "Why God, why hast thou forsaken me and why dost thou rain nature's wrath upon me?
At one stage in the movie, the twisted villain, who has planted a nerve gas bomb, threatens "to unleash the biblical plague that L.