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Switzerland: see BielBiel
or Bienne
, city (1990 est. pop. 52,020), Bern canton, NW Switzerland, at the northeast end of the Lake of Biel. A watchmaking center, Biel also manufactures chains and machinery. There is a 16th-century Gothic town hall and a late Gothic church.
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For the 150th anniversary of the discovery of La Tene in 1857, the Musee Schwab in Bienne (one of the oldest in Switzerland), the Latenium in Neuchatel (one of the newest) and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich are joining forces in L'annee des Celtes to celebrate the site and challenge notions of La Tene in an exhibition at the Musee Schwab (June 2007-February 2008; it will then move to Zurich and end up in 2009 at the Mont Beuvray in Burgundy).
Northumbria Police had been put on the alert to find Miller, then 27, of Gateshead, for the heist in a jewellers' shop in Bienne, Switzerland.
NEWPORT'S Debbie Brazier is looking for an all-important rise up the wheelchair tennis world rankings this week when she travels to Switzerland for her first tournament of the year, the Biel Bienne Indoors, part of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour.
Chosen by Bien-Air SA, of Bienne, Switzerland, for its new "dental box" for the display of dental equipment, Eastman Chemical Company's Eastar copolyester is said to provide a "comprehensive design solution" that addresses aesthetic, environmental, economic, and structural concerns.
3-year-old fillies: 1 Blackwell Fa - bienne (J Murdock), 2 Kentucky Silk, 3 Blackmail.
Bien-Air AG, based in Bienne, Switzerland, specializes in medical equipment from dental turbine drills, surgery, and ear/nose/throat (ENT) instruments to hand pieces, motors, and maintenance products.
By far the longest and most thoughtful case study concerns the Eighth Swiss Sculpture Exhibition held in Bienne in 1980, an exhibition at which almost half of the works presented in the open air ended up being trashed by anonymous members of the public: mobiles hurled to the ground, works covered with graffiti or treated as waste receptacles, or - in one instance - removed by a gardener who claimed in court not to have recognized the object in question as art.
Invitation to tender : Bienne, Tissot Arena, places de parc exterieures, nord et sud, travaux de jardinage
Silver Tower Place de la Gare 2B Case postale CH-2501 Bienne Switzerland Office : +41-32-329-34-00 press@concord.
Recorded in Switzerland, her partners here are the Orchestre Symphonique de Bienne with conductor Thomas Rosner, so this disc will not be considered Canadian content by CRTC rules.
He was previously married to British TV sex expert Simone Bienne but that ended in divorce and a battle over cash in 2006.
Walton who is both a professor at eh University of Stellenbosch in south Africa and managing director of the Orchestre Symphonique Bienne (Biel) Switzerland, has written a biography of Schoeck that encompasses the paradox of the man's life.