Big Black Mountain

Big Black Mountain,

peak, 4,145 ft (1,263 m) high, E Ky., in the Cumberland Mts.; highest point in Kentucky.
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One species, Mesomphix rugeli, had a 161-km range extension from its nearest known location on Big Black Mountain in Harlan County, Kentucky (Hubricht, 1985).
1983), and Dourson and Beverly (2008) have all documented populations of BR affinities occurring in the Pine and Big Black Mountain regions of Kentucky, which are adjacent to the CP.
The distribution and diversity of land snails on Big Black Mountain, Kentucky.
The Big Black Mountain Challenge consist of three routes 43km, 27km and 16km.
Walkers and runners across the country are invited to take part in this year's Big Black Mountains Challenge.
uk Alternatively, send a stamped, addressed envelope to Big Black Mountains Challenge, Long town Mountain Rescue team, PO Box 120, Abergavenny, NP7 7WU.