James Russell Lowell

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Lowell, James Russell


Born Feb. 22, 1819, in Cambridge, Mass.; died there, Aug. 12, 1891. American poet, critic, and journalist.

From 1857 to 1866, Lowell edited a number of journals that supported abolitionism. Lowell’s two-volume collection of verse pamphlets and feuilletons, The Biglow Papers (1848-67), became widely known. The first series of pamphlets was directed against the aggressive war carried on by the USA against Mexico (1846-48); the second, concerned with the Civil War between North and South, expressed the patriotic feelings of democratic Northerners.

Lowell became a professor at Harvard University in 1855. Between 1864 and 1872 he published a series of critical essays on writers of the past, including Dante, Chaucer, and Shakespeare. Toward the end of his life, conservative elements in Lowell’s social and political views became stronger.


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