a city in Yugoslavia, in northwestern Bosnia (republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina), on the Una River in an intermontane depression. Population, 18,000 (1967). Bihac is a transportation center. It also has a woodworking combine and food industry. A hydroelectric power plant is located below Bihac on the Una River.

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Tenders are invited for Civil Works - Introducing Energy Efficiency In The Buildings Of The Government Of Una-sana Canton And The Ministry Of Interior, Bihac, Bih.
They established the Youth Working Group in 2003 to organize a series of interreligious conflict-resolution trainings in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Brcko, and Bihac.
The amount covers sponsorship of 4,274 orphans and 52 children with disabilities in 25 areas belonging to the municipalities of Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Bihac.
59) This concept was then extended to Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zepa, Gorazde, and Bihac in Resolution 824.
In September this year, Shell expressed interest to get a concession in three areas containing possible deposits, but the government agreed only to a concession in the Dinaridi area, stretching from the town of Bihac in the west to the Adriatic town of Neum in the south.
Modeling and optimization of parameters in hydroforming thin-walled tubular elements, University of Bihac, Faculty of Technical Engineering, Doctoral dissertation, 9-29 (in Bosnian).
HOSPITAL BURNT IN BOSNIA: The fire which was erupted in the state hospital in Bosnian northwestern city of Bihac caused big panic in the city.
Product life cycle management applications In: RIM 2009: Development and Modernization of Production, Cairo, Egypt, University of Bihac P.
The designation of Srebrenica as a safe area was extended on May 6 to include five other Bosnian towns: Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zepa, Gorazde and Bihac, all of which had Muslim majority populations before the war.
131) Similarly, in May 1993, China voted in favor of Resolution 824, a Chapter VII resolution designating Sarajevo and the towns of Gorazde, Tuzla, Zepa, and Bihac as "safe areas.
pop 387,876); Banja Luka (220,407); Mostar (208,904); Tuzla (118,500); Bihac (49,544).
The NGO "Prijatelji" conducted programs in Bihac to distribute clean needles to drug addicts and to destroy used needles from hospitals and veterinary clinics to prevent them from being utilized by addicts.