bill of materials

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bill of materials

The list of components that make up a system. For example, a bill of materials for a house would include the cement block, lumber, shingles, doors, windows, plumbing, electric, heating and so on. Each subassembly also contains a bill of materials; the heating system is made up of the furnace, ducts, etc. A bill of materials "implosion" links component pieces to a major assembly, while a bill of materials "explosion" breaks apart each assembly or subassembly into its component parts.

The first hierarchical databases were developed for automating bills of materials for manufacturing organizations in the early 1960s.

quantity survey

A detailed analysis and listing of all items of material and equipment necessary to construct a project. Also called a takeoff.
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Also, while operators would build according to the new screens, we'd continue to print the paper bills of material and make them available on the engine pallets as backup.
According to Mike Davis of Northrop Grumman Interconnect Technologies' engineering team, "Cimnet Systems' Engenix job module will greatly speed up the process of creating stack-ups, bills of material, and routers for basic, as well as complex, sequentially laminated jobs.
It centralizes and links Autodesk design and other related product data, while conveniently automating version/release control, design approval cycles, and bills of material from within the Autodesk user's familiar desktop environment.
These applications are out-of- the-box best-practice solutions that provide standard processes based on proven industry best-practices, including templates for managing Bills of Material (BOMs) complying with FDA requirements, and managing the engineering change process (ECOs) for rapid adoption and time-to-value.
Smart Product Data Manager(TM) Manages Part Definition, Bills of Material, And Part Drawings -- And All Engineering Change Requests And
The seamless integration of Siemens Mobile's E-CAD systems (electronic computer-aided design) into mySAP PLM allows Siemens to generate bills of material and material master records automatically, and provides a strong integration between bills of material and related documents.
The Wizard allows the user to easily and efficiently develop bills of material (BOMs) of RFS products that are used in base station and microwave antenna systems.
In the project's first phase, all organizations within Philips Semiconductors can request real-time bills of material (BOMs) for any product, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any company location.
CD-ROM - Provides kit documentation, hardware schematics, bills of materials, development tools, tutorials, and firmware for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse development.
It also includes forecasts of units with special features including Blu-Ray, HD, DVR capability, and forecasts of bills of materials for different types of units.
Companies using the new application will realize lower design costs, fewer errors and more accurate bills of materials.