bill of quantities

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quantity survey

A detailed analysis and listing of all items of material and equipment necessary to construct a project. Also called a takeoff.
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Laying down details on the definition of the subject Public works contracts and the scope of the inventory of works, supplies and services with bills of quantities and in accordance with Decree no.
The deliverable first part of the public contract is the supply of furniture and ancillary equipment to the extent of the model contract and bills of quantities, which are an integral part of the tender documentation for the first part of a public contract, as an Annex;Part 2 Public Procurement: "Modernization of room for improving care for the chronically ill in hospital B?
Total quantity or scope of tender: As per the attached Tender documentation, Bills of Quantities, NBS Specificatiosns and attached drawings etc
Contract award: "development of technical and detail design with bills of quantities for the types of works and materials for the reconstruction of hunting residence" kormisosh "owned by ta dls" kormisosh "- city.
Ensure proper implementation of comprehensive cleaning services in the areas of internal security military facilities adequate hygienic conditions in the workplace in accordance with the rules of operation of buildings, including the provision of cleaning supplies and disinfectants in the range according to the bills of quantities for individual objects listed in Annex tender documentation (the ZD).