Biological Aspect

Aspect, Biological


the external appearance of a plant community, which changes throughout the year in accordance with the succession of the phases of development of plants. As a rule, aspect is repeated year in and year out in almost identical sequence. Thus, in spring, when the trees are still bare, the herbaceous vegetation of deciduous forests develops rapidly and gives the forest a special coloring, distinguished by the brightness of the greenery and sometimes also the many colors of the flowers. In summer, when the trees become covered with foliage and cast shade on the ground, the grass cover loses some of the variety of flowering plants, certain spring flowers end their vegetation, and the grasses become duller and monotonous in color. The changes of aspect in the steppe are especially distinct, and these have been studied by the Russian scientists G. I. Tanfil’ev, I. K. Pachoskii, V. V. Alekhin, and others.

Sometimes temporary aspects intrude upon the sequence of aspects that occurs year in and year out—for example, the aspect that occurs only in years of massive flowering or fructification of the plants of a certain species, which depends largely upon climatic conditions. Aspects are usually named after the plants that play the greatest role in them and sometimes will also include an indication of the predominant color, such as the golden-yellow adonis aspect, the blue forget-me-not aspect, and the brown aspect of dead sedge leaves.

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On the whole of the assessment criteria of this biological aspect that has been standardized by the function value, the obtained results of pole and line fishing gear is superior compared to hand line and purse seine fishing gear.
In Nagel's view, the biological aspect of creatures cannot be the most basic controlling fact of existence; rather, it is the mind.
Ideas and inspirations that go with the new trends and the biological aspect of lighting design for better quality of life was highlighted by Dennis Ma of Osram Asia Pacific.
Scientists are now beginning to suspect there may be a biological aspect to sleep problems in children with OCD.
Although the social work community has long taken pride in using a bio-psycho-social-spiritual (BPSS) framework in conceptualization and intervention, the biological aspect of this BPSS framework has been missing.
When someone comes into the emergency room with a catastrophic illness, you have to focus on the biological aspect really fast.
For example, the unconscious intention to satiate hunger with food simply reflects some biological aspect of the brain's workings that has the capacity to produce conscious appetite and food-seeking behavior in certain situations, Searle asserts.
The biological aspect is not as important as caring and raising the child.
The biological aspect of the emerging IBM's cellular computing cascade makes it radically and fundamentally different from the historic 40-year cascade of the Big Iron Age of computing.
Overall, We will provide a new access to understand and describe polarity by merging the physical and biological aspects of its initiation, Maintenance and stability.

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