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Sensors on his chest pick up the nerve impulses to control movement in his bionic arm & hand
Doug currently uses a hand that is a smaller version of the full-length bionic arm Campbell Aird fits to his left shoulder.
She can close her fingers but not open them, which is where the bionic arm comes in.
STEP 4: Sensors on the bionic arm detect movement in her chest muscle.
CAMPBELL Aird, the Scotsman whose amazing bionic arm has enabled him to win 14 trophies for clay pigeon shooting, is to get a new limb.
A Scot who faced losing his bionic arm, because of fears over repair costs, has won a reprieve.
The bionic arm has enabled him to put on his own socks and hat, mow the lawn, vacuum his house and eat his meals without the assistance of another person.
A WAR hero yesterday told how he controls his amazing bionic arm - using the power of thought.
NEW LIFE Solider Andrew Garthwaite, right, in action and, left, with his bionic arm
THE SAEBO bionic arm has been introduced to the UK by chartered physiotherapists Glyn Blakey and Jon Graham who specialise in stroke rehabilitation.