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This is the most important aspect of EPR, in developing bioplastic products.
The bioplastic is also a readily available resource that biopesticide makers can use, and it safely degrades in the environment, Abbas notes.
The new plastic, which uses biological raw material derived from sugar cane, is more heat and shock resistant than conventional bioplastics and also performs on a par with petroleum-derived plastics in terms of costs, according to the company.
But we're here to shine a light on bioplastic packaging and its end-of-life story, because you'll be seeing more and more of it in the coming years.
The bioplastic polylactide has been used for eyeglass nose pads because its antibacterial properties help to avoid rashes, but conventional polylactide has not been used for other parts such as frames and temples because of insufficient heat resistance.
The automaker aims to use bioplastic in the bumpers and dashboards of its vehicles by 2013.
Richard Larock, a professor at Iowa State University (ISU), has invented and patented a process for producing various bioplastics from inexpensive natural oils, which make up 40 to 80 percent of plastics.
The bioplastics are carbon neutral, so the carbon dioxide released by burning the plants used to make the car parts is offset by the carbon dioxide the plants absorb as they grow.
The Dairy Box tray will now be the largest product line using Plantic bioplastic, with Nestle requiring over six million trays a year.
The sweet potatoes are being grown on a vast scale in Indonesia and are being used as animal feed and for the manufacture of the new material, which is known as bioplastic.
Crucially, several organic chemicals have been produced at laboratory scale in promising yields that have potential use in bioplastic manufacture.