Bird Egg

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Bird Egg


the egg of a bird consisting of an ovum together with its protective envelopes: the yolk albumen, inner shell membrane, outer shell membrane and shell. Bands of thick protein, or chalazae, hold the yolk so that the side on which the germinal disk appears is turned upward. At one end of the egg the outer shell membrane is layered, forming an air cell.

The size of a bird egg varies from 8 × 13 mm (hummingbird) to 135 × 170 (ostrich), and the number of eggs per clutch from one (Procellariiformes, many guillemots, lyrebirds) to 20 or more (Galliformes). The shape varies from spherical to elongate-oval. The eggs may be spotted or monotone, and range from white or light blue to almost black. A laid egg (except for an unfertilized egg) usually already contains an embryo. Bird eggs, especially those of poultry, are used by man as food. In a number of countries, eggs are gathered in large numbers at sites of colonial nesting, for example, at bird rookeries.


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According to the evaluations, the sensor is able to accurately and quickly sense lysozyme protein in real and biological samples such as bird egg whites.
According to the Guinness World Records there isn't a category for the smallest chicken egg, only for the smallest bird egg, which is currently held by the the Vervain hummingbird of Jamaica, which lays eggs just 10mm long.
from=salesummary&intObjectID=5672781&sid=78b3dddb-e92c-4e52-a1df-e1ef5dc653a5#top) elephant bird egg measures 8 A3/4 in.
The elephant bird egg is expected to fetch up to Au30,000 when it goes under the hammer on April 24.
A SERIAL bird egg thief has become the first person in England to receive an Asbo for crimes against nature.
Stealing or possessing a protected wild bird egg is an offence under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, and recent legislation has introduced tougher sentences including jail and fines of up to pounds 5,000
Greens have targeted DDT ever since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring (1962) testified to its possible role in thinning bird egg shells.
A dodo bone and an elephant bird egg are among the objects leading a natural history sale at Christie's auctioneers in April.
The convicted wild bird egg collector beat a bid to make him the first person in the UK to be served with an Asbo for wildlife offences.
Most wildlife crime is to do with money, for example killing birds of prey to protect game birds but bird egg collecting is an obsessional behaviour.
ONE of the UK's most prolific bird egg thieves was jailed for four months yesterday for stealing from Welsh nests.
The small dark brown egg, with Darwin's name written on it, was found by Liz Wetton, 80, a volunteer at the Zoology Museum's bird egg collection.