bird's eye

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bird’s eye

An eye-shaped figure in wood formed by small sharp depressions in the growth rings. Found particularly in sugar maple but also in other wood species.
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Encouraging children to eat vegetables everyday is central to our mission at Birds Eye," said Mike Barkley, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Meals and Sides at Pinnacle Foods.
Craig Hamilton, General Manager for Birds Eye's Lowestoft operations said: "At Birds Eye, Lowestoft we are keen to establish and develop strategic partnerships throughout our supply chain.
Based on syndicated data during the kid-focused promotional campaign, the Birds Eye brand helped contribute to more than a third of the growth in frozen vegetables in the United States.
Following the scandal, Birds Eye took its Spaghetti Bolognese and Beef Lasagne ready meals off shelves as a precaution, but it later found the products did contain some horse DNA.
Separately, Birds Eye this week unveiled its new Fish Fusions range of coated, frozen Alaskan Pollock.
In a separate arrangement, frozen food specialist Partner Logistics, will build and operate a new national frozen food warehouse for Birds Eye.
But the Post Office hit back: "There's no evidence we acted wrongly or that Birds Eye asked for advice on postal charges.
Importantly, the fact that Birds Eye can do this makes it clear to all other food manufacturers that this is something that is easy to do and is acceptable to the public.
It is thought Permira outbid FoodVest's private equity owner, CapVest, to land the Unilever frozen foods business, featuring Birds Eye brands in nine countries and Iglo brands outside the UK.
The deal would end a 63-year association between Unilever and Birds Eye after the brand and much of Unilever's European frozen food business was put up for sale in February.
In 2003, Allen Canning announced that it had purchased Birds Eye Foods' Veg-All canning subsidiary in Green Bay, Wis.
Products affected include Birds Eye Potato Waffles in packs of four and 12, Birds Eye Crispy Potato Fritters in 340 gram or 900 gram packs, and Birds Eye Alphabites in 340 gram and 680 gram packs.