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The Birthday Calendar application is a joint effort between BigDates Solutions and American Greetings.
Ranking #12 on the list of all applications on Facebook, Birthday Calendar continues to strengthen its position as a forerunner in the capturing of ecommerce opportunities relating to social greetings and micro gifting.
With close to 3 million people around the world using Birthday Calendar at least once per month, the application generates over 1 million birthday related marketing opportunities per day for micro gifting transactions and targeted advertising campaigns.
Birthday Calendar is one of the first third party Facebook applications to provide a secure credit card payment process within the application, enabling its users to buy credits and send premium virtual gifts.
Birthday Calendar leverages an intuitive calendar view to help Facebook users manage and remember birthdays, holidays and other important dates in their lives.
With Birthday Calendar built on the Facebook Platform, it happens instantaneously with just a few clicks.
In addition, the Entertainment News area, a Today in History News column and a Celebrity Birthday Calendar are updated on a daily basis.
Future versions of the store will integrate more robust social features, including birthday calendars and group gift giving options.
Web Site Provides Birthday Calendars and Exclusive E-Cards