Bishop's School

Bishop’s School


(also called cathedral school), during the Middle Ages, a type of secondary educational institution attached to cathedrals in the major cities of Europe. The bishop’s schools provided a broader education than the monastic and parochial schools, teaching reading, writing, grammar, arithmetic, and liturgical singing. In the late Middle Ages, some bishop’s schools taught the trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic), and a few taught the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music).

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John Perriton ran a drama group at the Bishop's School for Boys in Amman.
He spent 16 years in Pune, where he finished his high school studies at The Bishop's School and also briefly went to Nowrosjee Wadia College before moving to the US.
Roberts, former principal of the Bishop's School, Pune - Mr.
He is currently President of the Board of Trustees of the La Jolla Playhouse, Trustee of The Bishop's School, a member of the International Council of the Salk Institute and a member of the Board of Directors of the Junior Seau Foundation.
The Bishop's School programs consist of various activities that include trips to historical sites in Jordan (sightseeing), sports (swimming) and handicrafts.
Luscombe, who was raised on a sheep farm, was educated at Bishop's School in Cape Town, which coincidentally is where Wales are training this week.
Luscombe was educated at Bishop's School in Cape Town, a renowned rugby academy which is currently serving as Wales' training base.
In his first diocese as bishop, the Yukon, he established the Bishop's School for Native Ministry, which provided education and training for indigenous people wanting to work in ministry.
Meanwhile, Guy Thompson, a flanker from Bishop's School in Hereford, has been named in the England North 16-Group Schools squad for this week's International Development Festival to be played at Millfield School in Somerset.
and his father, a stockbroker who reportedly has been wanted by the authorities since 1988 for misappropriating funds--were able to send him to the conservative Bishop's School in La Jolla, Calif.
Nicki and Phil Coller have been in La Jolla 15 years and have six children, five graduated from La Jolla High School and one from The Bishop's School.
today, then travel Monday to LaJolla to compete in The Bishop's School shootout.