bit error rate

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Bit Error Rate

(data, digital, communications)
(BER) The fraction of a message or block of data that is wrong.

bit error rate (BER)

The number of bit errors in a sample divided by the total number of bits in the sample, generally averaged over many such samples (ICAO).
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The selected plots serve to visualize the effects of crosstalk due to growing spectral complexity on the victim's BER: the (RN)(PN) spectrum; the BER eye; the horizontal bathtub curve; and a set of BER contours taken at le-3, le-6, le-9, le-15, and le-18 bit error ratio probabilities.
For example, TR-029 ANNEX A: Bit Error Ratio Testing of ATM-Based ADSL Systems describes the three common types of BER measurements along with defining equations.
The modules support unframed bit error ratio tests (BERT) as well as PCS compliance and performance testing, allowing individual PCS lane BERT testing using a wide range of PRBS patterns.
This behavior is challenging for traditional bit error ratio testers that expect a predictable pattern to compare with the actually received bits.
The new Symbol Filtering software option on the BERTScope allows for asynchronous bit error ratio (BER) testing, a key component of SuperSpeed USB receiver testing.
Agilent's PXIT modular family, unique in the manufacturing test industry for having both a combined bit error ratio tester (BERT) and a digital communication analyzer (DCA), can now be used for testing 40G/100G Ethernet optical transceivers.
Bit Error Ratio Analysis Offers Extended Insight into 40/100G Transmitter and Systems
com), the world leader in analog performance and signal integrity, today announced a demonstration of a reference design for 28G Bit Error Ratio (BER) testing at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference in San Diego, Calif.
The BERTScope 17500 family includes capabilities for transmitter and receiver testing, including pattern generation and bit error ratio test.
NYSE:A) today announced the world's first fully coded bit error ratio (BER) solution for the time division duplex (TDD) version of 3GPP's long-term evolution (LTE) standard using 2x2 and 4x4 multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) technology.
Relative bit error ratio (BER) and Q factor measurements can also be generated using VScope functionality.