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in music, the simultaneous use of different tonalities or keys. Bitonality—the use of two different tonalities —is the most common type of polytonality.

In practice, two monotonal lines with independent functional systems and cadences are rarely combined. As a rule, polytonality means the simultaneous use only of the chords of different tonalities. The classic example, the “Petrushka chord” in Stravinsky’s ballet Petrushka, combines the tonic of C major and that of F sharp major. Like other chords of this type, the Petrushka chord is strongly dissonant and dramatic. It is used as the “leading harmony” with which Petrushka is identified. Polytonality, one of the elements of the contemporary modal-harmonic system, has been widely used by D. Milhaud, B. Bartok, and other 20th-century composers.


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a) En el acento inicial, los dos participantes coinciden en presentar en la modalidad declarativa un acento bitonal /L+H*/.
Bajtin sugiere que en un primer momento de la historia humana el lenguaje fue bitonal, es decir, se encontraban unidos los tonos basicos de la seriedad y lo comico.
H since in bitonal accents the trailing tone is expected to be fixed in time with respect to the starred one (Grice 1995b).
The DocuScan 6000 supports a combination of colour, greyscale and bitonal images, bar code recognition, double feed detection and sorting capabilities, and is ideal for high-volume page scanning applications, BancTec says.
The verb in (93a) is generally associated with an H* accent, whereas the nuclear accent is a bitonal H+
Formatos de salida: Bitonal, escala de grises, color, bitonal y escala de grises, color y escala de grises
As noted earlier, they concluded that this song was bitonal (two tones that form a neutral or major third).
SoftCAR+ utilizes multiple CAR recognition engines, Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) engines and high-resolution gray scale and bitonal images of the scanned item to provide industry-leading recognition performance.
Later, by incorporating bimodal and bitonal two-part writing and more dissonant trichords, these students can experiment with the harmonic textures of Bartok or Stravinsky.
Burda] has found in the Second Cello Concerto "a twelve-note bitonal system", a lowered mode with different tonics, occurring, as in Bobrovsky's approach but with more independent results, either simultaneously (resulting in a bitonal structure) or consecutively (resulting in a "permanent" modulation)'.
Each page image was stored as a 300dpi bitonal image for printing, and 100dpi greyscale for screen display.
Support for PDF, bitonal image data and raw data encapsulation in DICOM.