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symbol for the element berkeliumberkelium
[from Berkeley], artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Bk; at. no. 97; mass no. of most stable isotope 247; m.p. about 1,050°C;; b.p. about 2,590°C;; sp. gr. 14 (estimated); valence +3, +4.
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(BlacK) See PGBK.
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The purchase price paid by BKS was reduced from USD596m to USD514m to reflect USD82m in cash bonuses paid by College to 192 members of its management team and employees.
BKS Bank said that UniCredit was also planning to divest its shareholdings in the Austrian regional banks Oberbank AG (VIE: OBS) and BTV AG (VIE: BTS).
Then like a single organism, we were drawn to the stage anticipating the appearance of BKS Iyengar.
Sim bks (blue CID) pounds 485 Galemire House, pounds 445 Howgill Castle.
Those interested in participating in cultural programmes as groups, children who wish to be "Chacha Nehru" and 'moderator' of the face-to-face programme may register their names on or before November 10 at BKS.
S cntinue cllecting tkens, the mre yu cllect, the mre bks yu'll get.
Concurrent with the signing of this agreement, BKS also announced that it has received commitment letters on a new USD1.
Our tests clearly pointed out that the LANTEK 7G can be used for field surveys to 1 GHz," noted Walter Affeitranger, Head of Research & Development, BKS Kabel-Service AG.
Lim bks (blue CID) pounds 555 Gillbrae, pounds 550 Braehead, pounds 540 Gillbrae, pounds 535 Galemire House, pounds 532 Great Bidlake, pounds 520 Galemire House, pounds 515 Great Bidlake.
As part of the transaction, BKS also acquired the Barnes & Noble trade name that had been owned by College and licensed to BKS.