Black, James

Black, James,

1823–93, American temperance leader. A Pennsylvania lawyer, he was active in state and national temperance work. His plan for a National Publication House was adopted by the National Temperance Convention (1865). In 1872, as presidential nominee of the Prohibition party, he gained some 5,000 votes.
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Head coach Kenny Jackett broke his customary silence on officiating to challenge some costly decisions by the man in black, James Linington.
Great Float S&S washed away Cetco Europe in the Magee Cup semi-final easing home 5-2 with goals from Paul Anglesey with a pair, Rob Black, James Harris and Lee Dermody.
Radcliffe's casting has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter, and it will mean the 24-year-old will be reunited with his director for The Woman In Black, James Watkins.
The winning team - Ashley Parkinson, Michael Linnane, William Rowden, Hugo Black, James Wood, James McGlaughlin, Linzi Garrett, Andrew Robson, Peter Kulik and Michael Lakey - put forward a mixed-use scheme, which included apartments, offices and shops, and was rewarded with pounds 200 of HMV vouchers as a reward.
Today, sitting with Jack Black, James Corden and Billy Connolly - actors whose work sends up society with the same crisp wit as Swift - it's easy to understand why they were so keen to get involved with the latest movie remake.
Huey Lewis narrates the film and is joined by John Popper of Blues Traveler, comedian Robert Klein, country music star Clint Black, James Cotton, Magic Dick (from the J.
vision, Marlboro edged out club lboro Sports White MacPherson (2), Myron Khan and Miftah Rahman scored for Black, James Sully, Tom Coran and Thomas Brahim replying for White.
Native designers Graeme Black, James Millar and Graeme Armour will be among the global names showing off their spectacular collections, including skin-tight metallic pants, see-through knitwear and bosom-busting suits.
Team members Wayne Black, James Auckland, Lee Childs, Danny Sapsford and Luke Bourgeois clinched the title, beating Pershore by three sets to one in the nail-biting final.
Half American Indian, half black, James Green was born a slave, then became a "free boy.
Design: Gary Black, James Maguire, and 10 students in Black's spring 1996 graduate design studio.