Black Angus cattle

Black Angus cattle:

see Angus cattleAngus cattle
, breed of black polled (hornless) beef cattle, originated in Scotland and introduced in 1873 to the United States, where they have become well established.
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Chosen as the exclusive beef vendor of Smith & Wollensky, Iowa Premium hand selects only corn-fed Black Angus cattle that exhibit superior quality characteristics, resulting in a robust, buttery beef flavor.
Now, though officially retired, he enjoys the occasional shop experience as a holiday relief in addition to helping manage a free-range herd of Little Black Angus cattle.
In 1947, Marion Campbell, whose father owned the Atlantic Monthly, purchased the farm with the intention of breeding Black Angus cattle.
After calculating the appropriate stocking rate, Waldron and his partners stocked each site mainly with Black Angus cattle and ran field trials in 2007 and 2008.
Heritage Pride raises its Black Angus cattle traditionally in the Midwest and finishes them on local grains for superior flavor and tenderness.
On an 88,000-acre ranch, hormone- and pesticide-free Black Angus cattle graze in a pristine, humane, and sustainable environment.
She and her significant other, Kevin--with assistance from six working livestock dogs--run a commercial Black Angus cattle ranch, where the closest neighbor is nearly 10 miles away.
Creekstone Farms manager Kevin Pentz said he does not anticipate the team finding any problems at Creekstone, which he said slaughters only source-verified, premium Black Angus cattle less than 24 months of age.
Introducing La Cense Beef[R], a natural, grass-fed and grass-finished beef produced from select Black Angus cattle raised on the pastures of the La Cense ranch in Dillon, Montana.
As it stands now, 80 Brangus heifers will come from the Strickland Ranch in Manatee County, 80 Brafords from the Adams Ranch in Fort Pierce, 50 Black Angus cattle from the Baldwin Ranch in Ocala, 81 Beef Masters from other Florida ranches and three bulls from each breed.
For the last two years, a new herd of 72 Black Angus cattle have been taking part in the study, where half are free to eat grass in the field, with the other half eating corn silage and mineral and protein supplements.
The corn grows high, soybean bushes sprout nary a weed, the Black Angus cattle look fed and fit.