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card game played by three to six players with an ordinary deck. All the cards are dealt to the players. After a card is led, each hand must follow suit if possible. The object is to avoid accumulating points by taking tricks that contain cards of the heart suit. In black lady, a popular variation of hearts, the queen of spades is to be equally avoided. Although its origins are unknown, it first gained popularity in England in the 1890s.
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Jones accepted he referred to Mrs Whippe as a black bitch but disputed he made the second comment mentioning slaves.
POP STAR Cheryl Tweedy of the chart-topping band Girls Aloud punched a female toilet attendant over a handful of lollipops and called her a black bitch, a court heard today.
I was constantly called racist names and told that no-one wanted to be taught by a black bitch like me,' she said.
Part of the Linlithgow coat of arms includes a black bitch and it ties in with the pigs and cows that other towns have had.
Her friend came up and as we were trying to calm her down she was saying `Get that black bitch up here and I will finish the job.
Sophie Amogbokpa, 39, said: "The girl stood there screaming and shouting saying `You black bitch, you f***ing black bitch, I will deal with you.
GRAI spokeswoman Marion Fitzgibbon, of Limerick Animal Welfare, said: "Two greyhounds, a black bitch and a fawn dog, were killed fairly recently as their bodies are not decomposed.
Goodlake, whose obituary appeared in Thacker's 1853/1854 Calendar, won the cup in 1822 with his black bitch Gondola (Gelart, sister to Magnet).
The next thing that she said was `My father owns this place, you black bitch.
The shocked attendant, Sophie Amogbokpa, 39, told how the Popstars: The Rivals winner leapt on her and screamed: "You f***king black bitch.
Anyone born in Linlithgow is called a black bitch - the town's coat of arms has an image of dog tied to willow tree.