Black Hills National Forest

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Black Hills National Forest

Address:1019 N 5th St
Custer, SD 57730

Size: 1,200,000 acres.
Location:Southwestern South Dakota. Accessible by US 14, 16, 18, 85, and 385. Nearby cities/towns include Custer, Hill City, Hot Springs, Rapid City, Spearfish, and Sturgis, SD; New Castle, WY.
Facilities:Visitor center, 30 campgrounds, 32 picnic areas, beaches, boat ramps, trails (450 miles), 2 scenic drives.
Activities:Camping, hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, rock hounding, gold panning, interpretive programs.
Special Features:Historic gold rush region. Points of interest include Harney Peak, at 7,242 feet South Dakota's highest point; Mount Rushmore National Memorial (see entry in national parks section); Jewel Cave National Monument (see entry in national parks section); Norbeck Wildlife Preserve; and Black Elk Wilderness.

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Beth Steinhauer is The Public Affairs Specialist in the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota.
The Black Hills National Forest covers 480,000 hectares, approximately 73 percent of the total forest acreage of the Black Hills (Inner Voice 1999).
Black Hills National Forest Resource Plan Map, Rapid, City.
Carroll concluded his testimony by saying that some 250,000 acres of Black Hills National Forests have been treated since 1997 by various methods including timber sales, thinning, and the removal of hazardous vegetation.
RELM Wireless Corporation, (NASDAQ: RELM) a manufacturer, developer, and distributor of wireless land mobile radio (LMR) products, today announced the receipt of an order from the Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota) totaling approximately $900,000.
About 80 percent of the project will be constructed upon lands managed by the Black Hills National Forest, while the remaining property is privately-owned.
The tribes refused the cash payment, and to this day seek their return to what is now Black Hills National Forest.
Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming; Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona; and Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota.
Award: Sota trail crossing - black hills national forest

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