Black Monday

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Black Monday,

Oct. 19, 1987, in U.S. history, day of financial panic. The Dow Jones AverageDow Jones Average,
indicators used to measure and report value changes in representative stock groupings on the New York stock exchange. There are four different averages—industrial stocks, transportation stocks, utility stocks, and a composite average of all three.
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 fell 508.32 points, a drop of 22.6%, the largest since 1914. The point decline as well as the volume, 604.33 million shares, exceeded previous records. Among the possible causes were investors' anxiety about U.S. international trade and federal deficits and U.S. criticism of West Germany's economic policies, but the drop was greatly aggravated by the cascading effect of the automatic computerized selling of stocks interacting with the similar selling of stock-index futures triggered by computer programs using such futures to hedge against the fall in stock prices. Stocks throughout the world joined the slide. By mid-1988 the stock market had recovered, and the U.S. economy was largely unaffected by the crash.
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She describes the shocking event that occurred months before Black Monday that signaled "something had thrown a monkey wrench into the market machinery.
INVESTORS OVERESTIMATE CRASH PROBABILITIES Median investor estimate of a one-day market crash similar to Black Tuesday (1929) or Black Monday (1997) 10% Actual likelihood of a crash exceeding 12% (Black Monday dropped -12.
The Black Monday hashtag also gained traction on photo sharing mobile application Instagram.
I also remember that, immediately after Black Monday, those newfangled computers that had recently sprouted on everyone's desk got the blame.
Two years of the day the parliamentary democracy in Macedonia died, standing here next to this Black Monday memorial, we wish to say that we are going to put a stop to the government's intention of completely destroying freedom of speech, democracy, and freedom of choice," SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said.
1987: Black Monday on Wall Street wiped out |millions on stock markets around the world.
The term Black Monday was originally used in 1209 in reference to the massacre of 500 settlers from Bristol by a clan of Gaelic warriors.
The index has weathered the miners' strike, the Big Bang of market deregulation in 1986 and the Black Monday crash of 1987, as well as the 1990's dotcom boom and the financial crisis in more recent years.
She said that the Attorney General's Office has been bombarded with an enormous number of complaints from investors since the October 19 crash about practices in the securities industry that existed prior to Black Monday.
GETTING the swish set to party on a Sunday night is always a bit of a chore given that it is a precursor to a black Monday.
1987: Wall Street suffered Black Monday, when millions of pounds were wiped out in stockmarkets around the world.