Black Rock Desert

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Black Rock Desert,

arid region of lava beds and alkali flats, NW Nev., in Toiyabe National Forest, stretching c.70 mi (110 km) NE from Gerlach. The Jackson Mts. rise to the east; the Black Rock Range to the west. A land speed record was set there in 1983. The desert has been the site of the Burning Man festival, a self-styled temporary community and weeklong arts festival that attracts thousands, since 1991. Smoke Creek Desert, to the SW of Gerlach, is an extension of Black Rock.
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Rolo Tomasi, the only other three-year-old in the line up, ran some fine races last season and could well be placed but I expect Black Rock Desert (4.
This pop-up community of concert-goers will view some breathtaking artwork in the Black Rock Desert that has come to be known as "the playa" among fellow Burning Man patrons.
BURNING MAN, AN annual art festival and experiment in alternative community held in Nevada's Black Rock Desert the week before Labor Day, was once said by founder Larry Harvey to be "the place on earth where the First Amendment is most Billy exercised.
Over the mountains to the east of Surprise Valley, this working cattle ranch is on the Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail in the Black Rock Desert.
Unfortunately, Black Rock Desert suffered a bad leg injury in his box and our vets decided they had no option but to put him down.
RAMOOZ can overturn Black Rock Desert in the Gladness Stakes at the Curragh today.
The jet-powered Thrust SSC streaked across the Black Rock Desert at 764.
Even the longest open stretches of land in America--like Black Rock Desert in Arizona or the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah--are "only" about 8 to 11 miles (13 to 17 km) long.
In the Black Rock desert, Ola Loa SPORT Hydration Drink is crucial, as one merely needs to add it to water to become a delicious drink that can be rapidly absorbed by the body.
On Saturday morning, October 22, 2011, The Tandem airship was launched from Nevada's Black Rock desert.
BUDDING scientist Joe Campion has won a place on a NASA mission, to spend two weeks in the Nevada Black Rock Desert.