Black Tom

Black Tom,

part of Jersey City, N.J., also called Black Tom Island. In July, 1916, German saboteurs demolished U.S. munitions stores there; in Jan., 1917, they destroyed the Kingsland, N.J., munitions plant. Sued by the U.S. government in 1922 but vindicated in 1930 by an international claims commission, the German government, upon hearings in 1939, was ultimately ordered to pay $50 million in damages.
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But can he catch Save The Don if Fraser Black's charge can head Black Tom on his inside to the bend?
Animals for homes: Romeo (Cat No 104 BNF) is a gorgeous black tom cat who arrived at our Benton North Farm shelter in June 2015.
Mariah Carey, 45, poured her curves into a plunging, black Tom Ford dress.
Among them was Tom Oliver (known as Black Tom for his swarthiness and black hair), who rode three Grand National winners, and guided his friend, Top Pickerell, to have 17 Grand National rides.
The 13-year-old black tom - who disappeared in 2005 - was traced near Elizabeth's home in Dalkeith, Midlothian, in February.
Clad in a floor-length black Tom Ford gown as she mingled with famous pals like Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz - on the arm of Theroux, Aniston risked a nip slip in the daring design.
Craig, dressed in a black Tom Ford suit, appeared to share a laugh with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla ahead of the premiere.
Soares v Black Tom Soares may be on loan from Premiership side Stoke but he couldn't get near Ian Black.
FORMER All Black Tom Willis insists the Dragons have a bright future as he hangs up his boots.
The black Tom Tom was recovered by officers from a pawn shop in the city.
He was a black tom cat that no one else wanted, so we took him in.
The tiny black Tom cat was rescued by an RSPCA officer after a neighbour heard a miaow coming from a heap of rubbish and he found the little kitten inside a cat box wrapped in a bin bag.