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name for a reddish or black hair dye obtained from the powdered leaves and young shoots of the mignonette tree, or henna shrub (Lawsonia inermis), an Old World shrub of the loosestrifeloosestrife,
common name for the Lythraceae, a widely distributed family of plants most abundant as woody shrubs in the American tropics but including also herbaceous species (chiefly of temperate zones) and some trees.
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 family. Henna dye has long been in use, as evidenced by Egyptian mummies; the dye is also to decorate the skin with designs.



a reddish yellow dye obtained from the leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). Henna is used for dying wool and silk fabrics reddish brown; the dye is light-fast, and is also used for dying hair and coloring nails.


Lawsonia inermis. An Old World plant having small opposite leaves and axillary panicles of white flowers; a reddish-brown dye extracted from the leaves is used in hair dyes. Also known as Egyptian henna.


1. a lythraceous shrub or tree, Lawsonia inermis, of Asia and N Africa, with white or reddish fragrant flowers
2. a reddish-brown or brown colour
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Her doctor said that the patient suffered from severe allergic reactions from the black henna application.
Dr Abdul Wahid Al Wahdi, Head of the General Surgery Section at Al Qasimi Hospital in Sharjah said black henna can cause irritation, burning, scarring, create sensitivity to certain medicines and trigger asthma and respiratory problems if inhaled.
Monitoring of Lawsone, p-phenylenediamine and heavy metals in commercial temporary black henna tattoos sold in Turkey.
She has appealed to other people not to make the same mistake as she did - and to avoid having black henna tattoos.
The GP has told us Logan suffered chemical burns and there was a slow reaction of the black henna going into the skin.
Natural henna is usually hypoallergenic,37,38 and allergic reactions occurred in mixed types including black henna.
Grosshans, "Allergic contact dermatitis caused by skin painting (pseudotattooing) with black henna, a mixture of henna and p-phenylenediamine and its derivatives," Archives of Dermatology, vol.
For instance, there are 300 illegal black henna shops in Myrtle Beach, SC and the material can be purchased online, too.
And one in 20 dermatologists surveyed said more than 80% of the black henna reactions they had seen were in children under the age of 16.
Be warned people, when you go on holiday or anywhere never have black henna tattoos.
The capital has witnessed a significant decrease in the use of fake black henna in women's beauty salons following a clampdown by AbuCeDhabi Municipality.
From June 1, 2012, every shipment of Shampoo or Black Henna should be accompanied with evidence of conformity such as test reports issued by an independent accredited laboratory like Intertek confirming compliance to the below stated requirements: Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) in henna (and hair dye products): maximum 6%; and 1,4 Dioxane: maximum 10ppm in shampoo," the department had stated.