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for printing, was invented in China (c.1040), using woodblocks. Related devices, such as seals and stamps for making impressions in clay, had been used in ancient times in Babylon and elsewhere.
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At the same time, Straznicky's work on the construction of female playreaders, Sauer's on the political appropriation of closet drama, Lesser's on black-letter nostalgia, and Berek's on the "theatricalization of public discourse" not only go a long way towards establishing that "playreading was [not] simply an extension of playgoing," but they also enlarge our "conceptualizing [of] the place of drama in the public sphere" (16).
The most prized recording of chant that I own is one in a vivid blue jacket--with Gothic black-letter printing--for the Mass of Septuagesima (70 days before Easter), performed by the monks of Solesmes.
A black-letter initial on an aircraft's inspection form indicates zero discrepancies for that aircraft.
James Scharfenberg, 302nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron flight chief, earning a perfect black-letter status and maintaining a high readiness level is quite an achievement, given the age of the wing's C-130s--16 to 18 years old--and the organization's high operations tempo.
Scharfenberg said this latest black-letter status was achieved because of the pride the 302nd maintenance Airmen take in their assigned aircraft.
She summarizes the black-letter law in outline form, with examples, and includes exam tips, chapter questions and answers, and essay questions and answers.
The volumes combine clear black-letter provisions with extensive explanatory Comments, clarifying Illustrations, and detailed Reporter's Notes.
It also covers the law governing residential common-interest communities, and includes data on black-letter provisions and comments on background and applicability of those provisions.
This text presents the black-letter law of contracts in the US in outline form as a casebook companion and study guide.