BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry 10

The current generation of the BlackBerry operating system. Introduced in 2013 and based on QNX, BlackBerry 10 is a dramatic departure from previous models. The Z10 was all touchscreen, while the Q10 included a physical keyboard. A Z30 phablet later debuted (see below).

The BlackBerry Hub
BlackBerry 10 (BB10) offers all the functionality of modern smartphones along with unique features. For example, a unified notifications hub can be accessed at any time. Users can "peek" in for a quick glance at their mail and messages and return smoothly to where they left off. To change activities, users can move from one function to another without having to go in and out of apps.

Originating in the corporate world, personal and enterprise activities are separated (see BlackBerry Balance). BB10 models also feature a camera with Time Shift, which takes multiple images so the best one can be chosen. See BlackBerry, QNX, mobile compatibility and mobile device vendor control.

Peek into the Hub
The BlackBerry Hub enables all notifications to be revealed at any time by swiping the screen up and over, and it can be accomplished with the same hand that holds the phone. (Image courtesy of BlackBerry,

Active Frames for Multitasking
The most recent eight apps become icons on the home screen. Developers can make them show active content; otherwise the frame is a shrunken version of the app. (Image courtesy of BlackBerry,

Predicting Text While Typing
Suggested words can be quickly flicked up into the sentence, and common typos are remembered. Interjected foreign words are also spell checked. (Image courtesy of BlackBerry,

The Q10
The Q10 had a physical keyboard and touchscreen. (Image courtesy of BlackBerry,

The Z30 Phablet
With a 5" phablet-sized screen, which dwarfs the Q10 screen on the left, the Z30 was faster, has longer battery life and better speakers than the Z10 and Q10 models.
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