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Or perhaps your article could have told the story of Blackshirt Eric Piercy who, in his small craft 'Advance', was at Dunkirk ferrying troops from the beaches to Royal Navy vessels standing off the coast.
The party website which shows Mosley's fanatical followers performing the stiff-armed fascist salute boasts the first official Blackshirt meeting to be held since the Second World War will be a historic occasion "heralding the return of a registered fascist political party in Britain.
Calling themselves the 21st Century Blackshirts, members look up to former Smethwick MP and Nazi sympathiser Mosley as their spiritual leader.
One group of Blackshirts tried to hijack a ship to be taken to Bilbao for the rebels.
Mosley used to stay at the Queen's Hotel - now just a pub on Westgate Street -where he would sit, recalled one old Blackshirt, "smoking a penny pipe".
Not just because of the way it almost glamourised the blackshirt leader, but by an extremely wooden performance from Jonathan Cake in the title role.
The greatest battle came in London's East End when a planned Blackshirt parade through the mainly Jewish quarter was halted by thousands of anti-fascists in Cable Street.
But he saw Oswald Mosley's blackshirt marching around the East End and he decided, 'If I'm not going to fight them here, I'd better go and fight them there'.
The Mail's Diana death story made much of the Mosley's anti-Jewish sentiments, perhaps forgetting that back in 1936 Rothermere's henchman Collin Gibson wrote a glowing account of a Blackshirt meeting in London's East End.
Blackshirt speakers in Tonypandy's De Winton Field were attacked by hundreds of anti-fascist protesters.
its type of a newly emerging Blackshirts (the paramilitary group of Mussolini) and Brownshirts (Hitler's paramilitary mobs).