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blade PC

A PC architecture that houses multiple PC modules ("blades") in a single chassis. It takes the machines off the users' desks and houses them in rack mounted cabinets in the datacenter similar to blade servers (see blade server). The user's keyboard, monitor and mouse plug into a device at the desk that is wired via a TCP/IP or direct connection to the assigned blade in the datacenter.

More Security and Flexibility
Having the physical PCs in the datacenter reduces noise and heat at users' desks and takes advantage of the inherent security in a locked room. PCs cannot be pilfered from cubicles, and data cannot be uploaded or downloaded because there is no access to USB ports and drives.

Instead of a hardware relocation, moving a user to a new station requires only an adjustment to the management software. If a PC fails, a spare blade may be available in each chassis for hot swapping, which is also a software function. In addition, repairs are always performed in the same place, and technicians do not have to travel throughout the building.

Eight Blade PCs
This ClearCube cage contains eight fully functional PCs, each with its own storage. A six-foot rack can hold 112 PCs. ClearCube was the first to make blade PCs, which were introduced in 2000. ClearCube management software backs up the data to spare network drives, and if a blade fails, the software is used to switch the user to a spare blade and restore the data. (Image courtesy of ClearCube Technology, Inc.,
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Depending on the workloads being upgraded, customers may choose our all-VMware stack supported SmartVDI Converged Platform for VDI w/GRID and/or ClearCube Blade PCs and remote access engineering workstations.
The HP BladeSystem bc2200 blade PC features a single-core AMD Athlonao 64 processor,(3) 520 MHz memory speed and integrated ATI graphics.
Chancing on an alternative to the inflexible and costly PC platform, Bryant decided to migrate Insinger's complete desktop infrastructure to a blade PC architecture developed by ClearCube.
DFW Airport was one of the first airports to embrace blade technology, and we are extremely happy that proven benefits have motivated them to continue investing in our blade PC and zero client computing solutions.
The ClearCube R3040SS secure workstation blade and R3080DS secure blade PC incorporate the latest processor advancements from Intel that include AES-NI that facilitates full hardware-based AES acceleration.
29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearCube Technology, the leader in virtual desktop solutions, zero clients, rack mounted secure workstations and blade PCs, today announced the general availability of the company's virtual private network (VPN)-enabled zero client with PCoIP technology - the Cloud Desktop 9520.
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The alternative may be blade PCs, which consist of a server blade in the datacenter running a desktop operating system with a thin-client device on the user's desktop.
A growing ecosystem of over 30 third-party vendors provide a wide variety of PCoIP products including server plug-in cards, rack and tower workstations, blade PCs, zero clients, integrated monitors, and IP phones with PCoIP capability.
com)-- Zero clients are desktop devices that communicate with datacenter backend processing resources such as virtual desktops or Blade PCs over Ethernet network connections.
ClearCube Technology, the leader in virtual desktop products for cloud computing, including rack mounted secure workstations, blade PCs and VMware Ready zero clients, today announced a strategic agreement with iCore, a Russian-based IT company, wherein iCore will exclusively resell ClearCube's centralized computing solutions to customers in Russia, and will serve as a reseller in the Eastern European markets.
Data Center Desktops is a combination of blade PCs and digital-extension technology that provides a user experience as if the PCs were on the desk, but with all the benefits of data center centralization.