a mountain on an eastern slope of the Central Urals, in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR, near the town of Kushva. Altitude, 364 m. There are deposits of magnetic iron ore, embedded in syenite with a layer of schist, tuff, and limestone of the Mesopaleozoic age. Reserves amount to 154.9 million tons (1956). Three million tons are extracted annually. Iron mining began in 1735 and continues primarily in open-cut mines on the eastern slope of Blagodat’. The Kushva, Verkhniaia Tura, Verkhniaia Barancha, and Nizhniaia Barancha iron works were built on the basis of these ores. The Blagodat’ mines, reconstructed during the years of Soviet power, also supply the Nizhnii Tagil’ combine with ore and sinter.