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Contract notice: Renovation of 180 housing units and construction of 33 homes in the middle-bottom busy at 1-11 rue ronsard, 13-19 rue charles de foucault and 91-105 rue blanche of castile in poissy (78).
Between these, in well painted Gothic niches interspersed by columns, stand three gilt spelter figures: the central figure is of Christ enthroned, to his right stands Saint Louis, King of France (in addition to holding his customary crown of thorns, he has a hand-topped staff as depicted in his portrait by El Greco), to Christ's left stands a queen or saint holding an orb and purse - she may represent Queen Margaret of Provence or, more probably, Queen Blanche of Castile, Louis' mother.
While this is clearly the case when one looks to the examples McCartney cites (such as the iconography of Blanche of Castile, where framing devices such as columns separate mother from son), I would argue for the importance of a further nuance in the tenor of the connection in the "Compass.