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Blankenburg am Harz

(äm härts), or

Bad Blankenburg

(bät`), city (1994 pop. 18,680), Saxony-Anhalt, E central Germany. It is a spa located at the northern foot of the Harz Mts. and is also known for its tree and seed nurseries, ironworks, and stone quarries. During his residence in Blankenburg (1837–45), the educator Friedrich Froebel founded the first kindergarten.



(Blankenburg am Harz), a city in the German Democratic Republic, in Magdeburg district (Bezirk), on the north slope of the Harz. Population, 19,600 (1967). Blankenburg is a balneological health resort (with a mud-therapy clinic) and tourist center. Industry consists of cast-iron production, machine-building (for transport, sanitary equipment, gas appliances, and so on), and woodworking.

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I added something that was missing from the team, just as German sweeper Horst Blankenburg (above) was brought to Ajax when I was there.
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So introducing this new rule in certain areas of the city first and for a small periods will probably get the people more used to such an idea," said Blankenburg who was also of the opinion that more should be done however to 'make cars less affordable' compared to other parts of the world.
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Looking for technology solutions for a new automatic train brake tester, FEW Blankenburg GmbH - a German company providing maintenance service for rail material - contacted MST.