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At the same time, a complementary industrial use of blast-furnace gas and coke oven gas would be possible, along with the development of the related industries.
The GTCC plants on order will use by-product gases from furnaces - specifically, FINEX gas, blast-furnace gas and coke-oven gas - as fuel.
The four energy saving BOT projects include: -- A blast-furnace gas power generation project for a large iron and steel group, of which, the annual production capacity is 8 million tons of steel; -- A cow manure power generation project; -- A chicken manure power generation project; -- A pig manure power generation project.
Higley and his group are currently investigating the feasibility of capturing excess blast-furnace gas at several mills and converting that to process steam to run turbines.
The LOMAA combustion chamber will be equipped with a multiple lance burner that will enable it to use blast-furnace gas fuel for its main burner, with coke-oven gas being used for starting.
The modifications will allow the unit's boiler to burn simultaneously coke-oven gas with the coal and blast-furnace gas currently used.