Bletchley Park

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Bletchley Park

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A country house and grounds some 50 miles North of London, England, where highly secret work deciphering intercepted German military radio messages was carried out during World War Two. Thousands of people were working there at the end of the war, including a number of early computer pioneers such as Alan Turing.

The nature and scale of the work has only emerged recently, with total secrecy having been observed by all the people involved. Throughout the war, Bletchley Park produced highly important strategic and tactical intelligence used by the Allies, (Churchill's "golden eggs"), and it has been claimed that the war in Europe was probably shortened by two years as a result.

An exhibition of wartime code-breaking memorabilia, including an entire working Colossus, restored by Tony Sale, can be seen at Bletchley Park on alternate weekends.

The Computer Conservation Society (CCS), a specialist group of the British Computer Society runs a museum on the site that includes a working Elliot mainframe computer and many early minicomputers and microcomputers. The CCS hope to have substantial facilities for storage and restoration of old artifacts, as well as archive, library and research facilities.

Telephone: Bletchley Park Trust office +44 (908) 640 404 (office hours and open weekends).
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TOP SECRET: Bletchley Park, where the Enigma code was cracked; LICENSED TO THRILL: Ian Fleming wrote 14 books about James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, below, in Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace, out this month; AUTHOR: Mavis with her book and when she started work at Bletchley Park aged 19
Famous for its wartime work in cracking vital German codes - Bletchley Park was so secret it couldn't be talked about until 10 years after Fleming's death in 1964.
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Professor Gibson said: "Newte's role in the breaking of the Enigma code has not been acknowledged and it was only made public in 2011 when Asa Briggs, another wartime code-breaker, revealed it in his memoirs, Secret Days: Code-Breaking in Bletchley Park.
Tony Sale, 80, was a founder of the Bletchley Park Trust and instrumental in the successful rebuild of Colossus - the world's first operational computer and a vital part of the war effort from 1944 onwards.
The Government faced calls to help fund the development of a museum at the Second World War code-breaking centre Bletchley Park - from peers whose parents met there.
WAR POLISH Day takes place at Bletchley Park tomorrow to honour the contribution of the Poles in breaking the Nazis' Enigma code and in particular the three mathematicians commemorated on the Polish Memorial - Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Roycki.